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  • Sunclock takes you beyond standard time-keeping, transforming your device into an astronomical clock with an analog display. It not only tells the time, but also emphasizes the beauty of natural light by showing sunrise and sunset times, including the periods of twilight. You'll know the exact moments of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight, vital for photographers seeking the perfect 'golden hour' or 'blue hour' for stunning light effects.

    The phase of the moon dictates the darkness of the night and Sunclock makes this cycle accessible. Displaying moonrise and moonset times, along with moon phases, you can anticipate moonlit nights or the darkest hours. Even tidal patterns become predictable with Sunclock.

    Customize your time display from the Clock Gallery, tweaking size and color to your preference. Craft your personalized clock and share it with friends, flexibly deploying Sunclock as an app, widget, or wallpaper.

    Enjoy the interactive element – swiping the screen simulates any time and date. Unearth cosmic, cultural and religious phenomena, unique to each hour and day, no matter where you are in the world. This exploration can also occur via automatic animation.

    Support maintenance and development, and remove banner ads by making an in-app donation. Sunclock has been diligently improved over the past seven years, continually enhancing its features.

    At a glance, Sunclock provides:

    With an ever-evolving feature list and constant upgrades over the past seven years, Sunclock truly is the ultimate tool for understanding and interacting with natural time phenomena, while catering to the more traditional time-keeping needs.

    Whether you're a lover of astronomy, a professional photographer or a devout follower of religious timekeeping, Sunclock is sure to illuminate your understanding of the interconnectedness of time, sun, moon and the world around us. Download Sunclock today for a unique, customizable and above all, comprehensive time-telling experience.

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    The Sunclock was the very first of the Trilogy of Time App collection, released in 2015.

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